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Blueberry Happy Yak with Gun Powder Pants Bazaar Yak Sorrell Yak with Gun Powder Pants Spicy Yak Texture Sample
Auspicious Parasol Auspicious Parasol with Fringe II Dark Chestnut Yak Auspicious Fishes II Lotus on Trout Grey Moccaccino Parasol
Auspicious Fishes III Lotus Tapestry Gurkha Knot of Eternity Exuberance Auspicious Fishes
Conch Licorice Parasol Woodburn Yak with a Pak Pandamonium Rodeo Conch Auspicious Parasol with Fringe
Hillary Diamond Dragons Goldendron Ct-07 Hot Buttered Rum Checkmat Shadow Gau
Brown Derby Hot Curry Checker Welcome Rs-1944 Heath Square Dance Oracle Gau (small)
Mondo Gau Sandrift Gau Tan Tiger Happiness Tramka Meditation
Carved Sepia Dream Meditation (on Space Shuttle) 5 Padma Vibrant Tiger Digital Office Burnt Crimson Filigree
Colour Clouds DB2 Dorje Modern Stripes and Crosses Double Dorje Double Dorjee Tradition Coin
Traditional Oracle Gau (large) Majestic Blossoms Tangaroa Runner Regal Symmetry
Modern Stripes Plus Powder Blue Tiger Trinity Interlocking Energy Wistful Temptress Leaves and Petals
Intricate Tradition Three Lotus Patterned Richness Interwoven Blue Beauty Dark Goldenrod Tiger stripes
Pema Yungdrung Emanations Lotus Brocade Jadruk Pema Double Dragon Three Four Pattern
DBT1 Flower Dragon Phoenix Tiger Stripe Thikma Stripe Lotus Brocade Phoenix and Flowers
Golden Sante Fe Rainbows Tsuktruk Stripe Pema Chemche Double Tiger Coral Lotus
Pema Chudrak New Amber Lotus Bhumpa Checkered with Fringe Tiger Runner Luxor Pohutukawa and Tan
Power of Ten Black Pearl Elegance Bird is the Word Dragon Run Night Blossoms Alchi
Vanilla Underfoot Bourbon Fallow Chocolate Milkyway Cafe Royale Thinking out of the Box Red Runner
Punga Zigzag Bistre Kilim Sandal Kilim Cioccolato Teak Belak Bedazzling dbt-1

View (and feel) these beautiful carpets in our showroom at
ColorWorks Decorating Centre, 3667 Strawberry Hill, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5A8
Tel. (902) 497-7019   Phone: (902) 497-7019

Open Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Design your own Tibetan carpet. Custom orders are welcomed in sizes up to 9 x 6 m (30' x 20').

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